By age seven most children have begun the process of understanding. It’s basic stuff like reading, writing, right and wrong, and a myriad of other things that allow their little brains to make sense of the world. Our brat-child 911 however, seems to be suffering developmental delays, still clinging to the easter bunny and tooth fairy even though he saw mom slip the quarter under his pillow that night he pretended to be asleep. Perhaps it’s that if he lets go of the childhood myths he’ll have to face the dreaded onset of adulthood and accountability. And  911 remains an ambivalence-magnet with half the population believing he’s an honest and trustworthy little being and the other half knowing that he is the spawn of consummate evil. The dichotomy persists in spite of proof after proof of his misdeeds. In our time, 911 has become the litmus test of honesty vs. denial.
Central to the inside-job debate is the assertion that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition. Media and goverment scoff at the notion, impugning all who would dare think such a thing as traitors, lunatics and, of course, wacky conspiracy theorists. Yet what is ‘wacky’ about observing clear evidence and raising questions? The fact is that evidence abounds suggesting virtually no other alternative than an inside job. Of course ridicule is the last refuge of the complicit so we should not be surprised in the face of such an internecine cover up.
Rather than delve into the complex realms of architecture, chemistry, timelines or anything beyond a seven year old’s comprehension, I rest my case upon a few WTC photographs which prove the inside job beyond a shadow of doubt. As much as I have digested volumes of information discussing the multitude of technical evidence, nothing is more intelligible to a seven year old than a picture. And I’ll begin with a widespread and much discussed WTC photo below which plainly displays a revealing diagonal slice through a massive steel core-column:



In case you are unfamiliar with thermate and thermite as tools for demolition, I’ll quickly explain: Thermite (the simpler of the two) is an uncomplicated combination of iron oxide and aluminum powder combined with an oxidizing agent. Thermate is similar but includes the addition of sulfur which further intensifies heat output. The substance is easily strapped in a contained ‘bead’ around the object to be sliced and detonated, usually in series with other charges in the case of building demolition. Upon ignition, thermate rapidly reaches a temperature in excess of 4000 F and literally vaporizes the adjacent steel instantly. The standard angle for slicing is 45 degrees alternating up the column and facilitating almost instant ‘pop-out’ capability of the sliced portions, although it can also be used to slice horizontally or at any other chosen angle.  Dr. Stephen Jones has detected thermate in several WTC metal samples thusfar.
I have read countless truth-debunker sites referring to this photo and their usual desperate claims that the center column was torch-cut by iron workers seemingly in a tremendous hurry to remove what was no doubt a totally stable veritical column given the perfectly vertical status of its base. I pondered this explanation for some time as this theory has been applied to the numerous other photos of similar columns, however a number of factors simply don’t add up:

  1. Take note of the height of the column behind the fireman’s head.  The top horizontal slice is at least 12 feet off the ground. Do you see any area to safely place a ladder?  No rational iron worker would undertake such an intricate cut without his feet planted firmly on the ground and the torch at shoulder height.
  2. Why would an iron worker choose to do a perfect and extra-long diagonal cut when a haphazard horizontal cut would hasten removal significantly?  Was he thinking about esthetics at the time?  Remember, this is three inch steel and the above ‘cut’ would have unnecessarily taken hours.
  3. What degree of insanity would prompt an iron worker to create a slide-away guillotine-like object adjacent to an apparent fissure under which sub-floor survivors may have been huddled?
  4. What form of demented logic would have dictated that precise angular trimming of stable columns was priority-one amid a virtual maelstrom of surrounding debris?
  5. Take note of the other circled areas and their signature slag run-off.  Do you see any signs of removal?  Surely that unstable dismembered slab on the right would have been the first to go were a clean-up team actually in operation ahead of the arrival of the firemen.
  6. As no certain date can be ascribed to this photo, truth-debunkers have had a field day suggesting that it was taken far along into the clean up.  But a reasoned eye observing the debris, dust, smoke, and the presence of firemen, no doubt looking for survivors, would certainly ascertain this image to be within two or three days after the collapses.

There can be no doubt that this photo is evidence of a thermate-induced demolition slice if one applies just a little bit of a seven year old’s logic. Nothing in the column-trimming/clean-up theory makes any sense whatsoever. And below you will see some demolition professionals applying a thermate or thermite “cutter charge” to a much smaller column at a very familiar angle:






















Although most of the steel evidence was ‘illegally’ removed from the crime scene with great haste, there exists a repository of 911 artifacts in Hangar 17 at JFK International Airport. I could find no information indicating whether or not they offer public tours but fortunately a few revealing photos are available which further substantiate controlled demolition via precise thermate column-slicing.  The top photo shows two stacked trident columns from the exterior facade and very precise angular slices mirroring each other top and bottom. Behind them in the distance you will also see a perfectly sliced core-column specimen. The lower photo is a view of the same trident bases perfectly sliced. Ask yourself again what conceivable purpose would these time-consuming angular slices serve in terms of either column-trimming or clean-up vis a vis their necessity for demolition purposes, remembering they were both likely flat on the ground when they were retrieved:

Finally, to dispel any further truth-debunker whines that these demolition-slices were done as part of the clean-up exercise, I scoured image files for hours for pictures of the debris field prior to any possible human intervention. With blurry-eyed determintation one was finally discovered and it is a gem.  The top photo is a reduction of a helicopter reconaissance photo of the east tower debris field. The middle photo is an enlargement of a small region of the original with arrows pointing to an apparent still-standing partial core column. The bottom photo is a further enlargement wherein the column is exposed showing an indisputable demolition-slice at the top and evidence of a partially failed slice next to the bottom arrow. It is also worthwhile to take note of the uniformity of length of the other visible column portions lying on the ground as these too have no explanation other than controlled demolition. It is safe to say this photo was taken on the 11th or 12th of Sept. 2001 because of the amount of dust still suspended in the air:
 With a few photographs and the application of a little bit of science and logic we have established with virtual certainty that the three WTC towers were disintegrated as a result of controlled demolition. In its absence the towers would have no opportunity to collapse, at least not at free-fall speed in perfectly vertical descent. The NIST ‘pancake theory’ is an affront to science and virtually all of Newton’s laws of motion, ignoring factors such as air compression between floors, as one small example. And their latest ‘thermal expansion’ theory to explain the collapse of WTC 7 due to isolated fires on lower floors slaps the collective intelligence in its face. Are they honestly suggesting that the entire complex was so poorly designed as to be unable to withstand small cool fires of any sort? We have been and continue to be HAD friends. And it is time to wake up lest we face another even more drastic fraud.
Given that no steel-cored building has ever collapsed due to fire before, I conservatively estimate that the odds of three such buildings collapsing and disintegrating identically within hours on the same day to be one in a billion. Now, do you still believe in one in a billion possibilities? Do you still think that three drastically over-engineered structures collapsed due to spot fires and pancakes? Do you still think that the impact force of comparatively lightweight jets into the towers jarred them so tremendously that 47 internal core-columns in each tower were shaken into uniform neatly sliced up sticks? Do you still think that burning annual reports and office furniture melted the steel? Do you still think that corporate, military, and government minds are simply incapable of such a dastardly deed? If so, I have wasted my time. If not, then you have opened your mind and I rejoice!
I could go on and on about all the other glaring evidence but felt the sliced columns provided the most bullet-proof certainty of controlled demolition. The ramifications of this proof are, of course, enourmous: the war on terror, the Patriot Act, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, etc. Millions of lives and trillions of dollars squandered in the name of the biggest and most obvious lie ever perpetrated on, frankly, a very frightened, gullible and denial-prone American public. Fear has become the tool and truth the real enemy of the perpetrators in this ongoing disaster and it has been remarkable to watch the us/them component of societal dynamics at work. And we must never forget how foundational 911 was to the very darkest days of American history. You have been handed dot #1 and I’ll leave it up to you to connect the rest, though it shouldn’t be too difficult.
 So the next time mom tries to slip a quarter under your pillow, be sure to confront her and demand to know why she told you this nonsense about the tooth fairy!








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